An LGBTQ+ Guide to Chester – ‘Storyhouse’

‘You might not look at Chester and think of the city as somewhere that has much of a LGBT+ scene. On the surface it can look as though it’s incredibly limited, especially since the city’s only gay bar, Bar 69, closed in 2018. However, with the introduction of Chester’s first Pride festival in in 2013 things started to change. That first event featured a stage, a few exhibitor stands, and some pop-up market stalls. It was attended by approximately 2,500 people. The next year, 2014, Chester’s first Pride March took place with around 5,500 in attendance. Last year, 2018, around 15,000 people came throughout the day. It was clear that LGBT+ in Chester were looking to establish a presence within the city.’ 

An LGBTQ+ Guide to Chester is available via Storyhouse.

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