On the Return of Carrie Bradshaw

‘The first episode of Sex and the City begins strangely. We hear the voice of a woman, American and playful, describe a courtship between a female English journalist and a male Wall Street banker who met at an art gallery. At first, it’s as romantic as you might expect; they have passionate sex, they start looking at apartments together, and he asks her to meet his parents. Then, there is a turn. His parents can’t make it to their dinner. Can they rain check? Two weeks pass, and she still hasn’t heard from him, so she finds herself sitting in a diner in front of an elusive figure, complaining that the man she thought she loved is a total pig. This figure, wearing a trench coat and holding a cigarette, looks almost like they’ve stepped out of a film noir, a sort of femme fatale detective looking for answers. This is Carrie Bradshaw, a journalist searching for inspiration for her weekly column about sex and love. ‘

You can read the full column here.

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