On Feeling Stuck

“A third of the way through Joachim Trier’s The Worst Person in the World, a woman stops time. Julie (Renate Reinsve) is a twenty-something woman looking for something to focus her and help her figure out what she wants from the world. She has fallen into a relationship with an older man, Aksel (Anders Danielsen Lie), a successful cartoonist ready to start a family. As Julie stands in the apartment she shares with her boyfriend, she flicks a switch and the coffee Aksel is pouring for her stops in mid-air. He is frozen too. Julie takes the chance to escape and runs from the apartment, passing an old statuesque woman on the stairs, and then, out on the street, she winds through joggers paused mid-run and cars standing still in the centre of junctions. The only other person who hasn’t stopped is Eivand (Herbert Nordrum), a barista Julie met at a party a few nights previously, who, despite temptation, she decided not to cheat with.”

You can read the full column here.

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