On Musicians Who Act

In 2017, when Christopher Nolan released his gritty war-film Dunkirk, the press asked whether the current Prince of Pop, Harry Styles, was any good in it? It was his debut role, and it came on the heels of a hotly anticipated solo album after the world domination of One Direction ended the year before. There were articles online that collated every mention of Styles in reviews (most considered his performance “solid” and “understated”) and other articles that described, in detail, everything Styles did in the film; explaining the exact point he showed up in the movie, when his first line was, his reaction to being offered toast and jam. On the press tour, Styles was front and centre. He made an appearance on The Tonight Show and the Today show in America, then, in the UK, appeared on This Morning alongside his co-star Kenneth Branagh to discuss his experience working with Nolan.  

You can read the full column here.

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